In The Studio

Neil in the hot seat

Everything you need as a solo artist, or a 5 piece band, to record, mix and master your latest songs, all wrapped up in a friendly environment, where you can take your time to produce the best recordings you can, with rates to suit every budget.
Whether you want to record a single song to give to your mum as a special birthday present, or your band has written the next classic album to rule the world, we can fit you into our studio and produce radio-ready material that is mastered and ready to be pressed onto CD, or uploaded to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify or any of over 200 digital distributors.



Behringer X32

The latest in digital mixing, the Behringer X32 running Starring Studio.

32 Channels - All Digital

With up to 32 individual of audio recordable in one take, you'll never be short of somewhere to plug in an instrument, but that's only the start. Unlimited overdubs means there's always more room for something special.



Microphone Collection

sE Electronics, Samson, Behringer, Shure, Electrovoice.

Enough for everyone

From a growling bass drum mic, to industry standard SM57s, to top notch sE Electronics (as used on many modern classics, such as Amy Winehouse's Back To Black).




Akesis M1 Active Mk2.


A selection of Audio-Technics headphones (with long enough leads for even the most energetic musicians to not get tangled up).



Cakewalk Sonar

Cakewalk Sonar X2 is the DAW (digital audio workstation) used at the studio, which allows unlimited tracks (audio + MIDI) and industry standard VST plugins, including enough compressors, reverbs, and classic console emulations to make any song stand out from the crowd.




A fully-weighted Yamaha YDP 151 Digital Piano (which is also midi capable) and an M-Audio controller keyboard for the organ style.


A good selection of cabasa, tambourines and egg-shakers.


Enough Hammond organs, orchestral strings, pianos, latin percussion and synths to keep anyone happy.